Content Sources and Editorial Policy Medical Editorial Panel

To ensure that content is accurate, original health information on the site is written and/or reviewed by's Medical Editorial Panel. This panel is comprised of physicians and clinicians who have clinical experience and expertise in key medical specialties. The panel includes:

Kia Dunbar-Harris, PhD, RN – Vice President, Clinical Care Service, Sentara Healthcare

Terrina Thomas, M.S. – Director, Health and Preventive Services, Sentara Healthcare

Published content from in-house sources is reviewed and updated by our editorial board no less than annually. The last update field allows users to identify the last date the content was updated.

Other Content Sources

Third party vendors supply the health-related content that is not written in-house.

Third party vendors are chosen only after thorough review of the editorial policies, procedures, and review of the site by our Quality Oversight Committee. The Quality Oversight Committee, Web Project Manager and Web Content Consultant review these sites on a regular basis to ensure third party vendors maintain or exceed the standards in place when initially contracted.

Conflict of Interest

Optima Health will not knowingly accept or publish articles from which the author would derive personal benefit. We will not knowingly hire a writer or editor to contribute information in any area where a relationship may call the integrity of the information provided into question. If such a relationship is discovered, the Quality Oversight Committee will investigate and take appropriate action. If a conflict of interest is discovered after publication, the web page will be immediately removed, or the link to the article will be disabled.