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Medicaid plans include Optima Family Care and Optima Health Community Care.Medicare plans include Optima Medicare HMO and Optima Community Complete (HMO D-SNP).Individual & Family plans include OptimaFit® Direct and Select plans purchased on- or off-Marketplace.Employer and group plans are health insurance plans provided through your employer.

Not sure where to start with your new Optima Health plan? Start your journey to smarter, better health today!

Welcome to Optima Health! Your Medicaid plan includes medical coverage and added benefits to help you stay healthy and well. This video explains how to get started. It also features some of the health coverage and extra services available to you as an Optima Family Care or Optima Health Community Care member.

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      Activate your online account to access your plan tools and benefit information.

      Have an Optima Health member ID card? If so, you can use your member ID number to complete your registration. If you do not have your card you can select the Medicare plan type and use your Medicare ID number to complete your registration.

    2. Choose your Primary Care Physician
      Sign in to change or select your Primary Care Physician from within your plan network.
    3. Activate MDLIVE1
      Talk to a network certified doctor from the comfort of your home or when traveling out of state.
  2. Manage
    1. Payment options
      Set up Auto-Debit for your monthly premiums. We also accept cash, electronic check, credit card, and pay by phone.
    2. Complete your Health Screening
      Help us to understand your health care needs.
    3. Complete your Personal Health Assessment
      Complete your Personal Health Assessment and get personalized steps to improve your health.
    4. Reduce mailbox clutter
      Opt-in to receive your Explanation of Benefits and other plan information by email.
  3. Discover
    1. Access your Member ID Card
      Waiting for your member ID card or do you need a replacement card? Print a temporary card, order a new one, or access it on the go.
    2. Calculate your costs
      Estimate the cost for a future visit or procedure with the Treatment Cost Calculator.
    3. Receive Wellness Discounts2
      Get a good deal – take advantage of discounts available to you through Optima Health.
    4. Using Your Extra Benefits2
      Learn about how to use and access the Added Benefits available to you as an Optima Health member.
    5. Your Rewards and Incentives2
      Learn about how to qualify for the Healthy Rewards Program.
  4. Engage
    1. Download the App
      Download the Optima Health app to access all of your online services on the go.
    2. Participate in a Community Event
      Discover events in your community.

1 Select group plans do not have access to MDLIVE. Please verify with your Human Resources department beforehand.
Value-added services; not a covered benefit.