New Business Quoting & Enrollment

A new eBroker experience for new business.


Comprehensive Functionality

  • new comparison and proposal tools
  • sold case submission capability
  • web enrollment option for all groups


  • intuitive, easy–to–use platform


  • quicker turnaround times
  • track status throughout the group quoting to approval process

Key Benefits

  • intuitive customer experience
  • customer–ready proposals, including plan comparison
  • improved book–of–business visibility
  • increased self–service options
  • track quote status from quoting to enrollment
  • ability to attach documents, reducing the need for emails
  • expanded web enrollment (e3) to all groups
  • web enrollment capability (e3) upon initial sale
  • accessible from mobile and tablet devices

What’s Next?

More to come in 2023 for the renewal experience.