Your Personal Health Assessment

Want to get — and stay — healthy? Want to feel vibrant and strong for decades to come? If so, it's time to spare about 12 minutes to start your Personal Health Assessment, offered by Optima Health and WebMD Health Services.

Your Personal Health Assessment will help you to develop a wellness program specifically tailored to your needs. You'll get personalized risk reports and tips to help you get healthier.

How it Works

Simply sign in to start your Personal Health Assessment. You will be asked a series of questions about your health and lifestyle.

A customized Health Risk Assessment report will be created for you. The report will have specific information about your personal health risks, and will offer suggestions for things you should work on to be healthier.

You can talk to a health coach, and set wellness goals. You can even get help managing a chronic condition.

Don't wait — Get started today!

Please Note

One-time registration at is required in order to access your Personal Health Assessment.

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