Mental Health

Mental health is an essential part of your complete health experience. You can positively affect your mental health by focusing on your emotional wellbeing and personal growth, as well as building resilience and understanding the impact of viruses on your overall health.

A man at home doing yoga.

Emotional Wellbeing

There are many resources to strengthen your emotional wellbeing. Learn how to manage depression, anxiety, stress, and more.

Improve Your Wellbeing
Find tools to help you achieve your best health.

Becoming Mindful Not Mind Full
Webinar on the importance of mindfulness.

How Music Affects Our Health
How to use healthy sound in your daily routine.

Diabetes and Depression
A 9-hour program to help with diabetes management.

A man in his home office.

Personal Growth

Your physical, legal, and financial health can impact one another. When you work on a family budget, understand legal issues, and grow your savings, you can create health in all areas of your life.

Planting Your Money Tree
Webinar with tools for a better financial wellbeing.

Budgeting for Healthcare
Video to help you choose the most affordable options.

Explaining Deductibles, Copayments and Coinsurance
This video makes understanding healthcare jargon easier.

Health Insurance ABCs
A video on the basics of health insurance.

A senior man out jogging

Building Resilience

Resilience is a skill you can keep improving. Work on yours with the following resources.

MoveAbout Program
Designed to help you become more active and stay healthy.

Healthy Habits, Healthy You
Take steps to take care of yourself.

Tai Chi
These 18 movements teach you to relax mentally and physically.

Blue Zone Workouts
The world’s healthiest populations skip the gym, using daily movement.

Preventive Health Guidelines
What you can do to protect your health.

A mom and daughter.

Viruses and Your Health

Viruses can affect us mentally, as well as physically. Here are some resources to help you cope with your emotional health before, during, or after an illness.

COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Information
Learn about vaccination and testing options.

Flu and Cold Prevention
The latest information on staying healthy.

Immunization Schedules
Easily access immunization tables for adults and kids.

Access Virtual Care
Get care from anywhere, at any time.